Mt. Kelud Eruption Affecting Micronations

Ash in Omahkulon (Tommy Narisworo)

Ash covered roads and fences in Omahkulon (Tommy Narisworo)

14 February, INN – Eruption of mount Kelud in Indonesian province of East Java has affecting micronations. The eruption caused the “gravel rain” to fell down as the direct effect from volcanic eruption in Central Java, East Java, and Yogyakarta.

Micronations located on the affected areas, which is OmahkuIon and Excellent, has confirmed that they all affected by the eruption. They confirmed that the ash rain has fell on their territory, resulting on a thick layer of dust visible on roads and buildings.

In Omahkulon, which became the worst-affected among all micronations affected, the thick layer of ash is visible on entire buildings and roads nationwide.

Excellent, which is centered in Solo, also has an ash rain on their entire territory, despite Excellent has separate territories in Klaten and Yogyakarta, all teritories are affected by the same ash from Mt. Kelud. Status of emergency has been declared nationwide following the ash rain.

Barakstani government later informs that the ash has fell on their territory, despite it is less dangerous and less thick, compared by another countries. Ashes that fell down in Barakstan is not barely invisible, but motorcyclists do felt the ashes.

Pile of ash in Omahkulon (Tommy Narisworo)

Pile of ash in Omahkulon (Tommy Narisworo)

Indokistani states of Aziziyah and Cussex also affected by the eruption, because it is located on the affected area. While Cussex government has confirming the news that ash rain occured on their region, Aziziyah government has not. Responding on the report, federal government has agreed to declared a status of emergency in Aziziyah and Cussex, and is prepared to intervene in that states to give support.


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