Wirasena Merged with Indokistan


IKT, INN – Kingdom of Wirasena has officially part of Indokistan, after an annoucement from the monarch house based in Wirasena declares the merge with Indokistan today (18/3).

Announced directly by King Sena I in Association of Indonesian forum, that the kingdom will merged to Indokistan and all of its landclaims will be absorbed to Indokistan.

It was first confirmed by Tian Dacoen, governor of Bobodolands, that notified the central government that Wirasena want to merge with Indokistan on February ago. Confirmed with positive response by King Senna I, stating that Wirasena will joining Indokistan, but the official declaration will be made after March 15.

Autonomy status has been proposed to the central government, it is including to have a monarch as head of the region, similar autonomy with Indonesian autonomous province of Yogyakarta.


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