Raflesinesia Reunified with Indokistan


IKT, INN – A reunification between Indokistan and Raflesinesian Republic, has announced and Raflesinesia will officially become part of Indokistan effective from today,(2/2).

An official announcement also already announced by Raflesinesian government concerning about this unification yesterday (1/2) and a document concerning about the reunification will be composed today, said current prime minister of Raflesinesia Rayhan Haikal, wishing to become the member of council of ministers as he joining Indokistani government.

It was started as both state leaders realize their history, as Raflesinesia once part of Indokistan, and the location of both nations and its similarities. Raflesinesia later decides to reunified with Indokistan after few discussions on its internal body.

As response from Raflesinesian government, the provisional parliament also respond in a positive mood, as 4 members said yes to unification, while another one abstain.

The status of Raflesinesian provinces also will be discussed after the unification, as few peoples said that Raflesinesian former provinces will be equal with the rest of current Indokistani provinces, still unknown that they will receives autonomy status or not.

LIRUnion also feared to ‘badly’ affected by this reunification, since this reunification makes LIRUnion will have 2 members only, another discussions needed to discussing the fate of LIRUnion after the reunification.


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