Republic of Indokistan was Three: Historians

Several stuffs stored inside the National Archives.

Several stuffs stored inside the National Archives.

Suwarnakarta, INN – Indokistani historians had agreed to divide the Republic of Indokistan as three part, thus changing the previous paradigm on Indokistani historiography that the three “Republic of Indokistan” are one same country.

Previously, “Republic of Indokistan” was seen to occur three times, on September until December 2010, on January 2011 until August 2012, and from October until December 2011. These occurences treated as one same Republics.

These change was occured after several reviews and observation on the history of Indokistan, especially during the “Republic of Indokistan” era. Historians founded that the three Republics were all had different characteristics, thus cannot be treated as one same “Republic of Indokistan”.

“For example, first Republic we had no foreign recognition because of our focus on strengthening the country internally, while the second Republic emphasize on our success in diplomacy, and the third Republic only passing-by, no significant achievements made but only several proposals”, said one member of the historian team, Nabil Ihsan, about the differences between the three Republics.

These will change the historiography of the country as new paradigm was formed, as “Republic of Indokistan” can no longer be seen as one entity, but three. First action responding on the formation of this new paradigm was to divide “Republic of Indokistan” article on MicroWiki as first, second, and third republic separately.

Al Rasyid Darussalam Challenges Minahasa Republic


Flag of Minahasa Republic

Indonesia, INN – King Abdul Rasyid I of Al Rasyid Darussalam had published his condemnation on Minahasa Republic, headed by William Timothy.

Minahasa Republic was established last week. It is the latest incarnation of William Timothy’s micronation. He is infamous and controversial figure among Indonesian micronationalists since his first appearance in 2011.

King Abdul Rasyid I accused Minahasa Republic had their region claim overlayed with Minahasan Regency of Al Rasyid Darussalam.

On the official declaration made by the King himself, he said:

Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam condemned the action from the so-called “Minahasa Republic” [that claimed our region]. Minahasa Region is a regency in our Sultanate called “Greater Minahasa”.

In contrast, William Timothy said that Minahasa Republic does not claim any region belong to Al Rasyid Darussalam. He also claimed that there was not any region conflict with Al Rasyid Darussalam.

On this problem, Theodorus Diaz of Excellent commented  that Minahasa should resolve the problem with Al Rasyid Darussalam before submitting their official request to be member of AIM.

Arkapore “Reuse” Indokistani Law


Bendera Barakstan

Arkapore, INN – Arkaporean leader Tian Abdurrahman announced that Arkapore will adopt new basic law based on laws they used during their statehood inside Indokistan.

The announcement was made today (22/07) and had gained respond from Indokistani authorities.

Tian said that the text was made during his presidency (July 2013-January 2014) and is spesifically Arkaporean.

This decision may have been influenced by declaration of state emergency declared few days ago (20/07), when Tian establishes a reset and declared dissolution of Arkaporean government after he viewed that the government had deviate from the basic law of the country.

Indokistani government will request for explanation from Arkaporean officials on the decision to reuse Indokistani law as Arkapore have not issued any satisfiable explanation until now.

President Farhan Statement on Second Anniversary of Federal Indokistan Published



New Coatesville, INN – Indokistani president Farhan Abdurrahman has just issued his remarks on the second anniversary of Indokistani federal state. The remarks was made in his home in New Coatesville, Central Indokistan in the night of 6 July, and relayed by Indokistani media on 7 July.

On his remarks, he praised the courage of Indokistani citizens to turned their country as a federation. He also happy to declared that the federal system has done good for the country, and he also hopes that the system can survive for more years.

This is his complete remarks as published by Indokistani official page on social media Facebook beforehand:

On this very historic day, we commemorate the formation of our federal state of Indokistan. The significance of this day, was none other caused by our courageous decision to turn our nation into a federal, democratic state. There is no doubt, that this federal system of ours have served this country well. This system have allowed each state in our fine country to decide their own rules that suit their culture and ideals, whilst striving for one, single cause, under the framework of a federal government. We hope for such reason, this system will continue to live on, as long as the Indokistani ideals of democracy, justice, and equality reverbrate still in our hearts and minds. I thank you for your genereous attention, and long live our great country!

“Indokistani System” Codified



INN – Indokistani government finally creates new term to describing the system of governance of the Federal State. It was codified after deliberations among National Forum members on how to describe the national system, which was concluded in the last day of April.

Indokistani system will be described as: “direct democracy with fusion of powers between legislative and executive, on which the system resembles the traditional Indonesian ‘Musyawarah’ tradition”.  “Indokistani direct democracy”, as President Farhan Abdurrahman called, “this system is unique among micronations”.

The unique feature of this system is on how the system manages intertwined relationship between the President and the National Forum. The system dictated in the constitution, which was officially used in January 2015.

Indokistani constitution ordered that the President should be the head of the National Forum. He can call all citizens to the forum and call for a new session, moderated, and directed the National Forum runs. This showed how the executive intervened the legislative.

National Forum main task is to create and amend laws, but it also become an advisory council for the president. In this system, the National Forum is able to impeach its own head of parliament – the president.

This system resembles the traditional Indonesian Musyawarah tradition, particularly a practice called “rembug desa”, on which village leaders and villagers gather to discuss on one particular problem and to solve it together. This practice usually took place in a small village with strong bonds between each members.

One of the people involved there, Nabil Ihsan, told that “it is quite difficult to obtain right word to describe this system in paragraph”. He also said that this system is easy to be used in micronations, and bring possiblities that Indokistan is may not the sole user of this kind of system.

On his statement responding this, Presiden Farhan said “As a system agreed entirely by all Indokistani citizens, direct democracy has served this country well. And the fact that it resembles ‘Musyawarah’, a form of democracy in rural parts of Indonesia, makes it all the more valuable for us”

Drastharaya Collapsed, Constituent States turns Sovereign


Drastharaya, INN – Drastharaya has been collapsed and all of its constituent states has become an independent country.

In 21 March yesterday, head of state Tian Abdurrahman issued a proclamation announcing the dissolution of Drastharaya.

Today […] I officially declared that Drastharaya will become a commonwealth, and sovereignty will be returned to its constituent states.

Drastharaya will become separate member of AIM apart from the constituent states.

After the collapse, Tian Abdurrahman said that Drastharaya will lost all of its binding power to its member, but only retain some symbolic unity between its members.

Until today, there are no official explanation on the collapse of the nation, but internal conflicts may have caused it.

This problem also caused Tommy Narisworo to resign from his position as secretary general of AIM. On his resignation letter, he said that Omahkulon status that returned independent caused it.


Ortographic Reform Installed in Suwarnakarta


Suwarnakarta, INN – Suwarnakarta governor has officially announced an adoption to new ortographic system for writing Indonesian language inside the city today (10/3). The reform was initially proposed to be installed officially in March 1, but forced to be cancelled until date 10.

The changes was inspired and partly based on the neglected “Ejaan Pembaharuan” (“New Spelling”) for Indonesian language, proposed by Indonesian linguists in 1956.

Changes included in the new script are addition of letter “ŋ” that replacing digraph ng, and letter “é” to represent the sound “e” and differentiating it from sound “ə”.

The government confident to make it official, after an experiment showed that citizens are easily adapted to the new system. As the system made official, Suwarnakarta government are preparing to execute changes related to new script.