Drastharaya Collapsed, Constituent States turns Sovereign


Drastharaya, INN – Drastharaya has been collapsed and all of its constituent states has become an independent country.

In 21 March yesterday, head of state Tian Abdurrahman issued a proclamation announcing the dissolution of Drastharaya.

Today […] I officially declared that Drastharaya will become a commonwealth, and sovereignty will be returned to its constituent states.

Drastharaya will become separate member of AIM apart from the constituent states.

After the collapse, Tian Abdurrahman said that Drastharaya will lost all of its binding power to its member, but only retain some symbolic unity between its members.

Until today, there are no official explanation on the collapse of the nation, but internal conflicts may have caused it.

This problem also caused Tommy Narisworo to resign from his position as secretary general of AIM. On his resignation letter, he said that Omahkulon status that returned independent caused it.


Ortographic Reform Installed in Suwarnakarta


Suwarnakarta, INN – Suwarnakarta governor has officially announced an adoption to new ortographic system for writing Indonesian language inside the city today (10/3). The reform was initially proposed to be installed officially in March 1, but forced to be cancelled until date 10.

The changes was inspired and partly based on the neglected “Ejaan Pembaharuan” (“New Spelling”) for Indonesian language, proposed by Indonesian linguists in 1956.

Changes included in the new script are addition of letter “ŋ” that replacing digraph ng, and letter “é” to represent the sound “e” and differentiating it from sound “ə”.

The government confident to make it official, after an experiment showed that citizens are easily adapted to the new system. As the system made official, Suwarnakarta government are preparing to execute changes related to new script.

Los Bay Petros to be Expelled from AIM Membership


Emblem of Los Bay Petros

Association of Indonesian Micronations had agreed to give three-weeks deadline for Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros to confirm their current situation, unless they want to be stripped from the membership status. The consensus was made in a heated argument, but finished in the end of Tuesday (28/01).

The decision was made based on the unclear status of Los Bay Petros, because they does not appear to the public on the recent eight months, and some reports said that it is very difficult to questioning Los Bay Petrosian authorities on their current situation. Rumors spread throughout the group even said that Los Bay Petros already dissolved.

Special status reserved for Los Bay Petros complicated more the problem. Los Bay Petros is one of the founder of AIM alongside with Indokistan, and because of that, Los Bay Petros receives permanent seat on AIM Security Council and ranked as “Honorary Member”. All members of AIM also acknowledged roles of Los Bay Petros in development of micronationalism inside Indonesian Sector.

Decisions agreed on the meeting are to strip Los Bay Petros membership if they remain inactive and failed to confirm their status until 18 February 2015, and to strip their permanent seat of the Security Council at the same time as the membership status. The resolution also declares that a new articles about inactivity and membership loss is to be compose.

Until this time, the resolution note has just been sent to Los Bay Petrosian authorities, and is expected to be replied by an official announcement.

Comments and reactions are showed by members of AIM, which majority of them said that this is necessary so members will remain consistent and open. One notable comment are announced by Drastharayan leader Tian Abdurrahman, “It is very tragic to expel our founders” he said.

Initial Plan for AIM Summit 2015, Indokistan Appointed as Host


INN – Federal State of Indokistan capital, Suwarnakarta, has been appointed to hosting the planned AIM Summit in 2015 and is on its way to preparing for the summit. Decision to appoint Suwarnakarta was established after voting between AIM members a month ago (10/12).

Beside Suwarnakarta, several cities also previously proposed, some of them is Indokistani state of Aziziyah (Jogjakarta), Excellent (Surakarta), or Arkaporean Drastharaya (Bandung).

As consequences to become the host, Indokistani government are obliged to prepare for this event. Preparations including the place and foods.

Responded on the ability of the city to host the event, Suwarnakarta governor Nabil Ihsan said that he ready to do the task, but he also said that he need more consultation with neighboring Cussex governor Rayhan Haikal, which is bordering Suwarnakarta.

The appointment of Suwarnakarta as host is in the part of the planning for the summit. Beside decision for the host, the initial plan also to arrange the date and the time schedule.

This initial plan for summit brings hope and spirit for Indonesian micronationalism, since the largest intermicronational conference in Indonesian sector was planned, with large estimation that the event must be success.

Indonesian micronational leaders also express their happiness for the upcoming summit. Diaz Praditya of Excellent said that “Excellent readies itself as AIM Summit 2015 approaches”, while Aziz Pahlevi creates a status reads “Road to AIM Summit 2015, Suwarnakarta Indokistan”. Tian Abdurrahman is a bit dissappointed because Arkapore failed to become the host, and he said “Arkapore fails [to become host], Cibubur (Suwarnakarta) is the host for AIM Summit 2015″.

ID Documents and New Money Ready to Print


New Passport design (L) and the old one (R).

January, INN – Indokistani government has announced that the new edition of KistanRupiah and new design of passport is ready to be printed and will be accessible for individual ownership.

Suwarnakarta-based state-owned company, Percetakan Suwarnakarta, had confirmed that they ready to print the money and ID documents as requested by the government. They also have printing the first speciment of the money and passport.

This will be an important moment awaited by citizens, since they will have chance to see and use the documents that they will own. Citizens has showed theirdesire for owing the passport and money, especially after the design was shown to the public.

Personal Identification Card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk) is reported to soon joined the printing process, after its design was published to the National Forum before the New Years’ Eve.

Congratulatory Statements From Micronational Leaders as Farhan’s Victory Announced


Logo Pemilu 2014

INN – Friends of Indokistan responds in fervour as announcement of Farhan’s victory in recent election was published. The Indokistan Times on this post tries to summarise all of micronationalists announced their congratulatory notes for the victory of Farhan and the success of the latest election.


Tommy Narisworo as Secretary General of AIM, and Lintang Matahari Hassan congratulates Farhan on his presidency.

All Drastharayan head of states also congratulates Farhan. Prince A. K. Daulay andTian Abdurrahman separately congratulates Farhan, and Tommy Narisworo too, as mentiones above.

Theodorus Diaz of Excellent also congratulates Farhan on the evening of the day, saying that he personally awaits Indokistani contributions for Micronational Association of Southeast Asia (MASA), desipte of his first statement mentioned controversial Indokistani government policy in 2012, Defarhanisation. He later issued his official statement on behalf of Excellent and MASA.

On behalf of myself, the people of Excellent, UDR Excellent and MASA, I want to congratulate Federal State of Indokistan for the successful presidential election which brought Farhan Abdurahman to victory. As the President of Excellent, I hope that the new President of Indokistan can keep the good relations between our respective countries, and as the Secretary General of MASA, I hope that Indokistan, under Mr. Farhan’s leadership, will be able to contribute more for the progress of the Association.


Former Bascal leader Amir Syafiq, Schalamzaar Muhammadreza Haghiri, Darwin Eugenio, and Imran Ihtisyam announced their congratulatory statements to Farhan on Facebook comments.

Notably, two Kaleido figures made a statement on Farhan’s victory, the first one was made by Chairman Luis Palay, and the second one was made by Kit Siapno of Bicolandia.

On his statement, Luis Palay wrote:

I personally congratulate Indokistan President-elect Farhan Abdurahman for winning the 2014 Indokistan presidential election. I hope Kaleido-Indokistan relations under his administration will remain firm and strong and will prosper more”

Kit Siapno of Kaleido Bicolandia municipality also congratulates Farhan with his official statements:

In behalf of the Kaleido People’s Action Party and the District of Bicolandia, I would like to extend my sincerest greetings and congratulations to His Excellency, President Farhan Abdurrahman. Peace and Blessings from Bicolandia to the people of Indokistan.

Farhan Wins Presidential Election


29 December, INN – National Forum of Indokistan has concluded that Farhan Abdurrahman will become new president of Indokistan after three out of four states gave their vote of confidence to him. The results was officially announced after last member cast their votes at 14:00 Indokistani time (07:00 UTC).

He was voted by three states, which automatically made him the winner of this election. State of Aziziyah, Cussex, and Suwarnakarta gave their vote to Farhan, while Farhan itself from Central Indokistan, decided to vote Nabil.

Shortly after the announcement of the result showing his victory, Farhan writes his remarks, “Thank you for all Indokistani citizens trusting me to become the president…we have succeeded to establish a democracy party (election) for this hour. I hope with this end of process, a new bright stage for Indokistan shall we face.”

After his appointment, the next stage he must pass before assuming his presidency is inauguration. Until this time, it is unclear when and how the inauguration will take place. Especially when Aziziyah governor Aziz Pahlevi is promised and is able to attend the inauguration, the pressure is huge to held it perfectly.

Celebrations Inside and Outside

Farhan (right) is the new president of Indokistan for year 2015-2016. Pictured when he was counting votes during 2011 election.

Farhan (right) is the new president of Indokistan for year 2015-2016. Pictured when he was counting votes during 2011 election.

Celebrations was showed by citizens, especially after Farhan announced his remarks. Rayhan Haikal, as predecessor of him, showed a welcome gesture to Farhan as he will replacing him. Nabil Ihsan, on which Farhan gave his vote for him, hopes that Farhan can work well for the country.

It is reported too that the national flag was flown in Suwarnakarta, celebrating the establishment of new president.

Outside, the news was responded first by Prince A. K. Daulay of Drastharayan Green Nauli. He said “Congratulations for Farhan for being elected as president of Indokistan. I hope Indokistan and Green Nauli will have better relations afterwards.”.

Theodorus Diaz then followed, said “Defarhanised nation welcoming back Farhan, congratulations!”, he used controversial term “defarhanisation”, referring to controversial short-lived policy established by Indokistani government in 2012.

Farhan Abdurrahman is the third Indokistani president to be appointed by democratic election, and is reelected after three years ago having same position. He was one of the founders, and the first president of Indokistan, taking role of presidency since Indokistani establishment in 2010 until September 2011.