Omahkulon Constitution Ratified, Monarchy Established


Bendera Omahkulon

March 11 in Omahkulon, INN – Announcement was made by Omahkulon president Tommy Narisworo on the ratification of new constitution today (11/3), resulting in revival of Omahkulon monarch and restoring monarchy government in Omahkulon as aftermath of recent conflict.

The new constitution then establish – as described by Tommy – a federal monarchy, which made the new Omahkulon to be renamed as “Federal Monarchy Omahkulon”.

The constitution text, as received by INN editor, consists of 14 articles and special section regulating administrative division of Omahkulon. It includes regulation about rights on the ruler of Omahkulon and its division, ban on regional expansion without ruler consent, and establishing the separation between federal budget and regional budget.

Comments on the new constitution described it as an action to create a confederal Omahkulon, because the states loosely attached to the central government, as the state given broad rights with minor interference from national ruler except on important, national affairs.

On its announcement, leader Tommy Narisworo hopes that this constitution able to create a form of efficiency on national functioning which motivating regional government to be active inside national unity.

AIM Council Meeting Reaches Second Week – and Ongoing


New Logo of AIM

1 March, INN – Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Council Meeting has entered its second week, since it was started in February 23. The meeting discussing about important things related to AIM and its members.

Members of AIM, Barakstan, Excellent, Indokistan, and Omahkulon dominates the discussion. Los Bay Petros as member also obligated to attend the meeting, but they asked permission to not to attend the meeting for some period due to external business.

The meeting started in February 23 after the first declaration to open the meeting was declared by the secretary general of AIM, Rayhan Haikal. The meeting was frequently adjourned, but on the first meeting it is decided to not to adjourn the meeting, so the meeting able to be started at any time, not bind by the period of meeting status.

The meeting discussed about the addition of newly-independent Barakstan to become member of the organisation, possiblities of AIM to merge with MASA, revision of AIM symbols, period of MASA secretary general and security council term, AIM Games, AIM headquarters, and creation of map consists of AIM member states.

On this second week, three out from seven discussion finished. The first was about Barakstan membership, which ends in a resolution accepting Barakstan as full member after one month of observer status. Discussion about possiblities of AIM to merge with MASA also has been held, but no resoltion neither consensus made on the possiblities, due to recent events hamper the discussion. New AIM logo adopted and is used starting from this meeting.

Ongoing discussions are now about the term period of AIM secretary general and security council, but as this news published, the discussion about AIM symbols are restarted, because one of the members proposed another new design.

Mt. Kelud Eruption Affecting Micronations

Ash in Omahkulon (Tommy Narisworo)

Ash covered roads and fences in Omahkulon (Tommy Narisworo)

14 February, INN – Eruption of mount Kelud in Indonesian province of East Java has affecting micronations. The eruption caused the “gravel rain” to fell down as the direct effect from volcanic eruption in Central Java, East Java, and Yogyakarta.

Micronations located on the affected areas, which is OmahkuIon and Excellent, has confirmed that they all affected by the eruption. They confirmed that the ash rain has fell on their territory, resulting on a thick layer of dust visible on roads and buildings.

In Omahkulon, which became the worst-affected among all micronations affected, the thick layer of ash is visible on entire buildings and roads nationwide.

Excellent, which is centered in Solo, also has an ash rain on their entire territory, despite Excellent has separate territories in Klaten and Yogyakarta, all teritories are affected by the same ash from Mt. Kelud. Status of emergency has been declared nationwide following the ash rain.

Barakstani government later informs that the ash has fell on their territory, despite it is less dangerous and less thick, compared by another countries. Ashes that fell down in Barakstan is not barely invisible, but motorcyclists do felt the ashes.

Pile of ash in Omahkulon (Tommy Narisworo)

Pile of ash in Omahkulon (Tommy Narisworo)

Indokistani states of Aziziyah and Cussex also affected by the eruption, because it is located on the affected area. While Cussex government has confirming the news that ash rain occured on their region, Aziziyah government has not. Responding on the report, federal government has agreed to declared a status of emergency in Aziziyah and Cussex, and is prepared to intervene in that states to give support.

Earthquake Strikes Java, Micronations Affected


25 January in Indonesia, INN – An earthquake centered in Central Java city of Kebumen, with magnitude of 6.1, rocked the island in Saturday noon.

As local news broadcasted, three Indonesian provinces affected by the earthquake, which is the Central and West Java, also the autonomous province of Yogyakarta. Indonesian micronations located on those provinces also felt the quake.

Government of Excellent and Barakstan has confirmed that the earthquake has rocked their territory, while Omahkulon and Indokistani state of Aziziyah (also located on the affected places) has not confirm yet.

The entire part of Barakstan felt the quake, president Tian immediately made a statement which said “It [earthquake] felt in Arkapore, Basin, and Provindencials, with a strong quake”.

Theodorus Diaz of Excellent also said that two cities of Excellent, Mosswiss and Bhasfiarr, rocked by the quake. He also stated that the quake in Bhasfiarr was the strongest in Excellent.

Island of Java, located in Indonesian archipelago vulnerable to earthquake, has experienced devastating earthquakes before this time. An earthquake also once shocked Indokistani territory in June 2012.



Barakstan Aims Blockade Action Against Indokistan


Bendera Barakstan

14 January in Barakstan, INN – An action of blockade executed by Barakstani government to block Barakstani region of Providencales, North Los Baraya, and Indokistani embassy to “avoid foreign influence in Barakstan” has gained foreign respond. It is later revealed that Barakstan meaning on “foreign influence” is Indokistan.

On the announcement to start the blockade action in January 13 yesterday, he stated that the blocking is necessarily needed. Barakstani leader Tian Abdurrahman also unilaterally closed Indokistani embassy, which provoke protest from Indokistan.

Indokistani government still try to convince the Barakstan government to lift the blockade, while Farhan Abdurrahman asking Tian to revoke the block and to reopen the embassy.

On the first day of the block, it is unclear on why Tian block the region, but later revealed that this action was aimed to Indokistan, after his statement to “lift the blockade after negosiation with Indokistan”.

As this news published, Tian has issuing three conditions that Indokistan must obey to make him remove the block, which the entire conditions are to make Indokistan to have diplomatic relations with Barakstan and to asking explanation on the territory that Barakstan was gave to Indokistan.

National forum has discussed the conditions, yet no decision is made.


President Announced Official Usage of New Constitution



11 January in Indokistan, INN – Rayhan Haikal as president of Indokistan has announced the start of the official usage of the new agreement that composed by all states as constitution of Indokistan, yesterday (10/01)

By a short declaration announced in the national forum session, he declared by a sentence only. “I declare that the new agreement is in official usage [since today (10/01)]” he stated, announced the official usage of the agreement.

The new agreement will become the new constitution of Indokistan. It consists of more than 20 articles with a preamble stating that the agreeement affecting all states and territories of Indokistan, and an additional rules regulates the addition of new articles.

All states are expected to ratify the constitution, before the end of January 2014.

As this announcement reaches AIM forum, it has gained various responses from micronational leaders. Tommy Narisworo of Omahkulon has show support and congratulate the establishment of the new constitution, while Theodorus Diaz from Excellent commented that the announcement becomes an “inaugural adress” of Rayhan Haikal, referring from his new status as president.

Barakstan Seceded from Indokistan


Bendera Barakstan

January 5 in Indokistan, INN – Barakstani government has declared their secession from Indokistan, which Barakstan will become an Islamic republic following its independence.

The declaration was announced by Tian in the national forum session yesterday (05/01) and was accepted by all forum members.

This announcement shock the entire nation, since Indokistan will lost its president and a state as effect from this separation. Also remembering the addition of Aziziyah to Indokistan, the separation made impression that Aziziyah replacing Barakstan as a state.

Tian later announced that Rayhan Haikal will replace his position as president.

No reason was established by Tian on Barakstan secession, but he only made a statement that Barakstani establishment will increase the number of active micronations in Indonesian sector.

Indokistani government has said that they will recognise the establishment of an independent Barakstan, as Barakstan has applied for a member status on MASA and AIM.

Barakstani government has announced the establishment of bilateral forum between Indokistan and Barakstan and an embassy. As a sign of friendship, the region of Providenciales of Barakstan was lend to Indokistan.