Unofficial Flag Become Co-official


National flag displayed during the July state summit in Suwarnakarta

INN – Latest Indokistani national forum voting today (08/12) decided, that the currently used unofficial flag will receive official status. On the voting for the proposal, all states agreed with no oppositions.

The currently used flag is as the official but without the white star and the blue circle. Problems on sewing it and lack of fabric materials caused the current national flag to lose its star and circle feature. This version of the flag was first flown on February 2014.

Despite of its incomplete features, this version of the flag was well received, used by citizens nationwide. This has cause few proposals to make the odd version instead official, but with no result. The latest recognition of the version is to make it unofficial design.

This status will elevate the new flag design, and will officially allowing it to be used in state events. The complete flag (with the white star and the blue circle) will not lost its official status.

Aziziyah governor Aziz Pahlevi said that he support the new official status, saying that “the new flag will be easier to make”.

Aziz to Run as AIM Secretary General Candidate



1 December, INN – Sultan Aziz Pahlevi of Aziziyah has been officially step up to become the candidate for Association of Indonesian Micronations secretary general, after announcing his candidacy yesterday (30/11) on AIM forum.

His candidacy was supported by Indokistani government. After he announced his intention to run as candidate on the National Forum, all states finally agreed to allowing him to run as candidate.

Aziz Pahlevi will compete against his only rival – Tommy Narisworo of Drastharaya, that in few weeks ago has just been appointed as acting secretary general of AIM. Before Aziz, he already announced his intention to run as candidate.

The new secretary general election will be held on the following week, to appoint an official successor of Rayhan Haikal – that was impeached in August 2014 by AIM Supreme Court without giving any successor, causing power vacuum.

New secretary general of AIM will face a great task, since he should able to bring AIM to become more active. AIM new secretary general was urged to establish an organisation constitution and to simplify the organisation structure.

Arkapore and Omahkulon Merged and Form Drastha Raya


Flag of Drastha Raya.

20 October, INN – Arkaporean leader Tian Abdurrahman recently declared establishment of a new country called Drastha Raya. Beside Arkapore and Omahkulon, there are two more micronations joined the unification, which is Zetacastle and Green Nauli Kingdom State.

“A new history has begun with establishment….of Drastha Raya, consists of four states…adheres absolute monarchy…the king will be selected by other kings on six months period.” that is the parts of speech made by Tian Abdurrahman, declaring the formation of Drastha Raya.

Beside Tian, Prince Halik Daulay also declared the formation, by saying “Green Nauli Kingsom State now integrated in a glorious country [melting pot] called Drastha Raya”.

The unification was proposed by Tian Abdurrahman and Tommy Narisworo, which immediately establishing provisional government and held preparations for the unification. The duo later asked Prince Halik Daulay of Green Nauli to join them. They later agreed to elevate the status of Zetacastle to become state member of the union, from previously an autonomous part of Arkapore.

Those nation united because of political goal similarity and to establishing a group micronation, as opposite to one-man micronation. “It is boring to run your micronation alone” said Tian Abdurrahman few days before the unification, while announced the proposed union.

The founders decided to turn Drastha Raya a federation led by monarch. The first monarch, taking his title of “Sri Baduga Maha Raja Prabu Drastha Raya I” is Tian Abdurrahman. He will become the head of state and his position will be rolled by each constituent monarch six months once.

The establishment of Drastha Raya may become a trigger of change in Indonesian sector, as one-man micronation and inactive micronations finally decided to drop their micronational sovereignty for a union with fellow micronation with similar ideals. Another prevailing unification proposal among Indonesian sector is Madyaraksa, between Indokistan and Los Bay Petros.

Aziziyah Territory Expanded


Bendera Aziziyah

17 October, INN – Head of State Sultan Aziz was issuing a declaration to expanding Aziziyah territory on Wednesday (15/10). On the expansion, Aziziyah cities will become eleven from the previously four.

Those cities newly established are Prussia, East Austria, Nova Zemlya, Tsarkoye Selo, Hechingen and New Wurtemberg, and Thuringia.

“I willing to expand our territory for glory and power of Indokistan” said Sultan Aziz, responding on the question asking on his decision to expand Aziziyah territory. He further promised to make a speech about his decision to expand his territory.

The expansion also resulting on the changes of the official title of Sultan, becoming “His Majesty Sultan Aziz I, Count of New Prussia, East Austria & Nova Zembla, Emir of Azad Aziziyah, Al Majidiyah & Al Munadzarah, Duke of New Istanbul, Tsarskoye Selo, Hechingen & New Wurtemberg, also Prince of Thuringia”.

Bascal Dissolution Scheduled on 15 November Following Amir Retirement


16 October, INN – Bascal Head of State Amir Syafiq was issued a shocking declaration: Bascal dissultion and his retirement from micronationalism. He declaring his intention in MASA groups today (16/10), receiving various responds afterwards.

I would like to make an announcement, on 15th November 2014. The State of Bascal will officially inactive from any sort of micronational activities. I will retire from being a Governor of Bascal and a Micronationalist after over 5 years in the micronational world. I will also resign from all MASA positions. I would like to say thank you and sorry to all of you if I had done any mistakes when I was in the membership of MASA. Terima Kasih, Salamat, Gracias, Thank You. I would still be active within these last months before being fully retire next month.

On his declaration, he said that he will officially retire on his birthday, 15 November. His retirement will followed by official dissolution of Bascal nation, ending its 5 years of existence.

Beside, he also declared his resignation on his positions from all micronational organisation – on his declaration, only MASA is mentioned.

Asked on his reason to retire,  he mentioned Bascal inactivity and his committment on education also became factors resulting on his decision to retire. He also emphasize that his final examination also forced him to concentrate on it, reducing his activity in Bascal.

Suwarnakarta governor Nabil Ihsan immediately contacting Amir Syafiq to get more information about his decision, engaging in discussion afterwards. To him, Amir hopes that friendship relations between them isn’t end just because the dissolution. After that, Nabil also hopes that he can continue his education after Bascal.

Darwin Eugenio of Ariana also responded on sadness receiving the news, he said “How sad to see another micronationalist retire”.

Alonian Independence Recognised by Arkaporean Government


3 October, INN – Arkaporean Government officially recognise the Alonian independence referendum and its result, and also recognises Alonian declaration of independence today (03/10).

Amir Saifuddin, Alonian governor issued an official letter on the results of the referendum to Tian Abdurrahman. On his declaration, the independence option led by National Party won by 68%, against the pro-Arkapore ALFA that only gained 32% of votes.

He immediately declared Alonian secession from Arkapore and established an Alonian Republic, at 10:00 AM this morning.

Shortly after the declaration, Arkapore leader Tian Abdurrahman said that he recognises all results from the referendum, allowing independence for Alonia. Afterwards, he said that Alonia may be a full independent micronation on October 25 – that date previously planned for referendum.

Previously, he refused to recognise all results from the referendum held on early morning. Before recognising the results, he remain on his position to give Alonian government rights to hold an independence referendum on 25 October 2014.

Alonia is an Arkaporean dependent territory before independence. Indeed it previously an independent micronation, before agreed to merged with Arkapore on a special autonomous status.

Verdict on AIM Secretary General Announced



28 August, INN – The final verdict on the recent court case handled by the AIM Supreme Court has been announced few hours ago. The reading of the verdict ends the entire process and closed the court case. Tian Abdurrahman as supreme judge was read the court verdict. 

On the verdict, the supreme court decided that the Secretary General Rayhan Haikal was guilty on one charge, while remain innocent in another two. Rayhan Haikal was guilty on his inconstitutional term length. 

“1) Secretary general term will be end on 29 August 2014 at 00.00. 2) Secretary general position will be vacant until the new secretary general is elected. 3) Omahkulon term as non-permanent security council member ends at this time.” said Tian Abdurrahman on the court verdict, referring to charge number one, about the secretary general inconstitutional rule. 

The court decided to reject the second charge, that the secretary general is guilty on his failure on initiating a new election. Rayhan Haikal is found innocent since the court decides that “initiative shouldn’t only come from secretary general, but from all members”. The court instead demanding Rayhan to publicly apologise because of his negligence.

The court also declare Rayhan as innocent on his third charge, the court give the reason “innocent because there are no deal between members on the secretary general term length increase”.

The court session was ends in half an hour. Tian Abdurrahman thanking the audiences before leaving the room. 

“The secretary general must ends his term according the our latest regulation [which is only 3 months], but instead he rule for 15 months.” said Tian Abdurrahman after the court ends. He also said  “the new regulation on secretary general term length should be created, I think three months [of term length] is too short.”


Immediately after the court ordering him to apologise due to his negligence o his secretary general position, Rayhan issued his letter of apology to all AIM members:

“By the end of my term as secretary general, I ask for your apology on my mistakes during my leadership on this organisation. I will trust the security council and related authorities on the process of succession of leadership. Once again, I apologise.” he said on his letter. 

After that, he emphasize more that he will trust the entire process to the supreme court authority. “This is my mistake, I commit wrong.” he showed his feeling of regret again when being asked on his comment on the court process by INN reporter.