Verdict on AIM Secretary General Announced



28 August, INN – The final verdict on the recent court case handled by the AIM Supreme Court has been announced few hours ago. The reading of the verdict ends the entire process and closed the court case. Tian Abdurrahman as supreme judge was read the court verdict. 

On the verdict, the supreme court decided that the Secretary General Rayhan Haikal was guilty on one charge, while remain innocent in another two. Rayhan Haikal was guilty on his inconstitutional term length. 

“1) Secretary general term will be end on 29 August 2014 at 00.00. 2) Secretary general position will be vacant until the new secretary general is elected. 3) Omahkulon term as non-permanent security council member ends at this time.” said Tian Abdurrahman on the court verdict, referring to charge number one, about the secretary general inconstitutional rule. 

The court decided to reject the second charge, that the secretary general is guilty on his failure on initiating a new election. Rayhan Haikal is found innocent since the court decides that “initiative shouldn’t only come from secretary general, but from all members”. The court instead demanding Rayhan to publicly apologise because of his negligence.

The court also declare Rayhan as innocent on his third charge, the court give the reason “innocent because there are no deal between members on the secretary general term length increase”.

The court session was ends in half an hour. Tian Abdurrahman thanking the audiences before leaving the room. 

“The secretary general must ends his term according the our latest regulation [which is only 3 months], but instead he rule for 15 months.” said Tian Abdurrahman after the court ends. He also said  “the new regulation on secretary general term length should be created, I think three months [of term length] is too short.”


Immediately after the court ordering him to apologise due to his negligence o his secretary general position, Rayhan issued his letter of apology to all AIM members:

“By the end of my term as secretary general, I ask for your apology on my mistakes during my leadership on this organisation. I will trust the security council and related authorities on the process of succession of leadership. Once again, I apologise.” he said on his letter. 

After that, he emphasize more that he will trust the entire process to the supreme court authority. “This is my mistake, I commit wrong.” he showed his feeling of regret again when being asked on his comment on the court process by INN reporter.

AIM First Court Case Against Secretary-General



27 August, INN – After the official establishment of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) Supreme Court with appointment of three judges last week, the supreme court have faced its first case.

Omahkulon leader Tommy Narisworo took his lawsuit to the court on Monday (25/8), accusing that the Secretary General Rayhan Haikal was inconstitutionally lengthen his term, thus his leadership at current time is illegal.

On the first session (25/8), accuser Tommy Narisworo presented his accusation against Rayhan Haikal as secretary general, while promising for evidences on the second session which he fulfilled on the next day (26/8).

On the second session, Tommy presented two evidences on the latest ruling of Secretary General term length. His evidences is two transcripts on the conversation about the secretary general term length. On the final wording, he reaffirm his appeal by accusing again the secretary general failure to held new election and initiative to do it.

The third session was scheduled to be held yesterday (27/8) to hear the defence of the accused Rayhan Haikal. On his defence, Rayhan claimed that the organisation once held a meeting to lengthen the term length of the secretary general, five months prior to this lawsuit. He then notify that he was failed to be informed about the secretary general position until three months after his appointment.

Until this news presented to the public, no decision on the date of the final verdict to be announce. Latest prediction said that the entire process estimated to be finished on next week.

Supreme Judge Tian Abdurrahman is on duty to lead the entire court session of this case until it finish.

Market Socialism Declared as Official Economic Basis


Suwarnakarta, INN – The National Forum has officially decreed that the laissez-faire market socialism will become the basis of Indokistani economic activities. The motion was proposed by Farhan Abdurrahman and passed unopposed on the late night forum session yesterday (11/ 07).

This decree strengthen the socialist nature of Indokistan, while the previous basis regulated on the constitution – workplace and economic democracy – also will be strengthened.

The market socialism Indokistan adopted will involved social ownership of means of production. Workplace democracy and workers self-management also will be an obligation for every companies and industries in lndokistan. This system also guarantees that Indokistan government will not interfere in economic activity.

Further, amendment of the constitution expected to be occured, after some said that the economy section on the constitution needs rewording.



State Leaders Meeting held in Suwarnakarta

Head of Indokistani states

Head of Indokistani states pose with the national flag.

Suwarnakarta, INN – Federal City of Suwarnakarta became the meeting point for all state leaders to held a special National Forum meeting, which was held today (01/07).

All state leaders attended the meeting, became the very first in the history of the Federal State. Except Aziziyah governor Aziz Pahlevi which joined the meeting through online media, all state leaders attend directly to Suwarnakarta. Governor of Central Indokistan, Farhan Abdurrahman came first, and shortly followed by the President and Cussex governor Rayhan Haikal.

The meeting was started by a tour inside Suwarnakarta and a visit to the National Museum, which all state leaders observe historical artifacts inside the museum. Farhan Abdurrahman also made this moment to reminisced on his time when he was the head of state of Indokistan.

Despite of its informal nature, there are few proposals and a statement which made on the meeting. Proposals to replace few articles on the constitution was proposed, but the result will be taken afterwards.

A statement concerning Indokistani position in ISIS insurgency in Iraq and Syria was agreed by all participants. It is agreed that Indokistani government declares its opposition to ISIS, saying it as a “fake Caliphate” who only abuse religious reason on doing terrorist action. Official declaration concerning this condition also will be published after the meeting.

The meeting was ended by a photo session that was done by all those present.


National Currency Under Changes


KistanRupiah baru

May 11 in Suwarnakarta, INN – Governor of the Central Bank of Indokistan (BSI) Nabil Ihsan, issued an order to altering changes on the national currency, KistanRupiah, after the currency officially recognized by the constitution, thus legalling its use.

The currency, New KistanRupiah (NKR, IKR) was first adopted in November 2011, which since its establishment has issued two banknotes editions, and currently pegged to 50 Indonesian Rupiah.

Changes will be executed on the currency will be redesigning, redenomination, and adoption of new exchange rates. Removal of coins from KistanRupiah also been discussed and considered.

New KistanRupiah banknotes are under redesigning, changes including the national emblem and symbols. “Flags of Indokistan” pictures as depicted on the reverse of the banknotes will remain unchanged.

Central Bank of Indokistan are under discussion on the appointment of the new printer company for the new edition of KistanRupiah. Cussex-based company Glouster-Doncaster are said to be officially appointed, but now no reports on that.

Redenomination also reported to be executed on the new currency, as the previous lowest banknotes valued 50 and the highest are 1000. Proposal on the changes are to replace the lowest to be valued 1, with the highest valued 100.

Exchange rates also will be changed, with the value will be ranged between Rp100-500 per DM 1, as said by Nabil Ihsan. The changes on the exchange rates are awaiting legislation on the National Forum.

Aziziyah Rebel Group Faded, Insists for Compensation


Bendera Aziziyah

9 May in Aziziyah, INN – Consensus has been reached on Indokistani government and Aziziyah rebels group discussion, which they insists to declare separation from Indokistan, afternoon yesterday (8/6). The rebels agreed to abandon their action to declare separation from Indokistan, but demanded for a compensation by Rp20.000 (DM 4000), as reported by Sultan Aziz I. They set the deadline for the compensation payment until April 22, two weeks since the consensus.

As reported before, a group attempted to force Sultan Aziz I of Aziziyah to declare separation of Indokistan three days ago (6/5). The action was started by a demonstration, which was ended in a riot. Just yesterday morning – they succeed to accessing Sultan Aziz room in the Royal Palace in Al Majidiyah, then forced Sultan Aziz to sign the letter, which he was refused. Central government – in shock but prepared – then accepting the Rebel demand to held discussion, which was ended in the consensus.

On their demonstration, the group demanded separation because the national basic law was seem incompatible with Aziziyah “Islamic law”, they also said that Aziziyah, under Islamic law, cannot dependent [lean] to the secular system, which Indokistan adopts.

Farhan Abdurrahman, on the discussion, defended Aziziyah against the rebel, by saying that Aziziyah and the Federal State of Indokistan are under different dimension, which the constitution does not regulate the state to be religious or not. “Aziziyah also not dependent [lean] to Indokistan, because the central government cannot intervene to state affairs.” he said.

As the discussion ends, the consensus was reached. The rebel will no longer force the Sultan to sign and they will abandon their action. They then demanded compensation. Despite of unclear reason on the compensation, Indokistan and Aziziyah government are ready to pay the compensation. “I will try my best [to fulfill their demand to paying compensation].” Sultan Aziz said to the National Forum members.

AIM Games Torch Relay Begins


28 March, INN – “Torch Relay” in the part of AIM Games, which is scheduled to be hold in September 2014, has begun. The relay was started from the Excellent, which is the host of the game, then send to all members and participants of AIM Games, before returned back to the host.

The “torch” is not actually a “torch”. It is a paper that will consists of comments and praise from micronations head of state, which will be filled as the head of state of each micronations received the “torch”.

The first relay was sent from the Excellent to Omahkulon, which will become the first nation to be visited by the “torch”. Then Omahkulon will send it to Arkapore, and so on.

The official route will be Excellent – Omahkulon – Arkapore – Sunda Raya – Indokistan – Los Bay Petros – St. John – Al Rasyid Darussalam – Excellent. The entire phase are scheduled to be finished in one month. The “torch” – if succeeded to pass all routes – will be pass 3 out of 5 largest Indonesian islands, with more than 10.000 KM routes passed.

As participants before, Indokistani government has decided to participate as one Indokistan – instead of each states participating as separate entities.

Federal State of Indokistan – which have all leader of states and territories as delegation for AIM – decided that only Rayhan Haikal (Cussex) that receive the official relay, as reccomendation from AIM Games organiser to give the “torch” specifically for the head of state. Indokistan may participate on the relay, but on a separate document.

Indokistan may receive the “torch” relay in one until two weeks in advance on this date.